Friday, August 28, 2015

Raksha Bandhan - Jiski Bahan Nahin Hoti.

रक्षा बंधन - जिसकी बहन नहीं होती। Raksha Bandhan - Jiski Bahan Nahin Hoti.

Raksha Bandhan is an Indian festival of brother-sister love in which sister tie a rakhi (sacred thread) on her brother's hand and wishes for his long-life while brother promises to protect her and take care of her in every possible way. Sadly the country which celebrate such a unique festival reports incidents of Honor Killing and has a high rate of crime against women. Lets pledge to respect each women equally this Raksha Bandhan as a mark of  honor for your sister. In this Hindi Kavita (Poem) I have tried to express what all those devoid of sisters are missing in their life. It is also reminder to all those who have sisters but take these advantages as granted without caring for their sisters.  Happy Raksha Bandhan to all.

सूनी कलाई, सूना बचपन, सूना आगन हो जाता है,
जिसकी बहन नहीं होती सूना उसका जीवन हो जाता है। 
Suni Kalai, Suna Bachpan, Suna Aagan Ho Jata Hai,
Jiski Bahan Nahin Hoti Suna Uska Jeevan Ho Jata Hai.

सब से नाराज़ होने पर चुपके से कोई खाना नहीं खिलाता है,
जिसकी बहन नहीं होती वो भूखा ही सो जाता है। 
Sab Se Naraz Hone Par Chupke Se Koi Khana Khilata Hai,
Jiski Bahan Nahin Hoti Wo Bhuka Hi So Jata Hai.

बिन मांगे ही कुछ मनचाहा सामने आ जाता है,
जिसकी बहन नहीं होती वो ख़ुद पैसे बचाता है। 
Bin Mange Hi Kuch Manchaha Saamne Aa Jata Hai,
Jiski Bahan Nahin Hoti Wo Khud Paise Bachata Hai.

अपना आधा हिस्सा खाकर आधा और मिल जाता है,
जिसकी बहन नहीं होतीं वो सब तन्हा-तन्हा खाता है। 
Apna Aadha Hissa Khakar Aadha Aur Mil Jata Hai,
Jiski Bahan Nahin Hoti Wo Sab Tanha-Tanha Khata Hai.

एक कंधा दुखड़ा रोने को, एक दोस्त राज़ छुपाने को,
जिसकी बहन नहीं होती वो दिल में बात छुपाता है। 
Ek Kandha Dukhda Rone Ko, Ek Dost Raaz Chupane Ko,
Jiski Bahan Nahin Hoti Wo Dil Mein Baat Chupata Hai.

खट्टी-मीठी नोक-झोंक, मम्मी-पापा की रोक-टोक,
जिसकी बहन नहीं होती वो गुमसुम सा हो जाता है। 
Khatti-Meethi Nok-Jhonk, Mummy-Papa Ki Rok-Tok,
Jiski Bahan Nahin Hoti Wo Gumsum Sa Ho Jata Hai.

धीरे-धीरे बतियाना, यूहीं हँसना-रो जाना, गुस्से में भी न चिल्लाना,
जिसकी बहन नहीं होती वो औरत को समझ नहीं पता है। 
Dheere-Dheere Batiyana, Yuhin Hasna-Ro Jana, Gusse Mein Bhi Na Chillana,
Jiski Bahan Nahin Hoti Wo Aurat Ko Samajh Nahin Pata Hai.

सूनी कलाई, सूना बचपन, सूना आगन हो जाता है,
जिसकी बहन नहीं होती सूना उसका जीवन हो जाता है। 
Suni Kalai, Suna Bachpan, Suna Aagan Ho Jata Hai,
Jiski Bahan Nahin Hoti Suna Uska Jeevan Ho Jata Hai.

सूना (Suna) - Deserted, तन्हा (Tanha) - Alone, कंधा ( Kandha) - Shoulder,  दुखड़ा ( Dukhda) - Problem, बतियाना (Batiyana) - Talking.

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Zakhm Jhele Dagh Bhi Khae Bahut

ज़ख्म झेले दाग़ भी खाए बहुत। Zakhm Jhele Dagh Bhi Khaye Bahut. (Enough Insulted, wounds tolerated too much.) - Mir Taqi Mir.

A love composition by Mir Taqi Mir - Zakhm Jhele Dagh Bhi Khaye Bahut which describes various aspects of love is translated by me in this post. Mir one of the stalwarts of Urdu ghazal writers describes that he was repenting giving his heart after seeing insults and wounds but even then he was enjoying everything about love. The ghazal is elaborated in detail at Mir's Zakhm Jhele Dagh Bhi Khaye Bahut.  

ज़ख्म झेले दाग़ भी खाए बहुत,
दिल लगा कर हम तो पछताए बहुत। 
Zakhm jhele dagh bhi khaye bahut,
Dil laga kar hum to pachtaye bahut.

Enough insulted, wounds tolerated too much,
By attaching heart I have repented too much.

जब न तब जगह से तुम जाया किए,
हम तो अपनी और से आए बहुत। 
Jab na tab jagah se tum jaya kiye,
Hum to apni aur se aaye bahut.

You went away according to your wish,
From my side,I have visited too much.

दैर से सु-ए-हरम आया न तुक,  
हम मिजाज़ अपना इधर लाए बहुत। 
Dair se su-e-haram aaya na tuk,
Hum mijaz apna idhar laye bahut.

Even for a while you don't came in temple's sanctum,
My disposition there I applied too much.

फूल, गुल, शम्स-ओ-कमर सारे ही थे,
पर हमें उनमें तुम्ही भाए बहुत। 
Phool, gul, shams-o-kamar sare hi the,
Par humein unmein tumhi bhaye bahut.

Buds, flowers,sun,moon all was there,
But in them I liked you too much.

ग़र बुका इस शोर से शब को है तो,
रोवेंगे सोने को हमसाए बहुत। 
Gar buka is shehar se shab ka hai to,
Rovenge sone ko humsaye bahut.

If the night has lamented this noise,
the neighbors will weep to sleep too much.

वो जो निकला सुबह, जैसे आफ़ताब,
रश्क़ से गुल-फूल मुरझाए बहुत। 
Wo jo nikla subah, jaise aaftab,
Rashq se gul-phool murjhaye bahut.

When she came like a sun in the morning,
Buds-flowers withered in envy too much.

'मीर' से पूछा जो मैं आशिक़ हो तुम,
हो के कुछ चुपके से शरमाए बहुत। 
'Mir' se pucha jo mein aashiq ho tum,
Ho ke kuch chupke se sharmaye bahut.

When I asked 'Mir' if he was a lover,
Something happened secretly he shied too much.

Friday, August 14, 2015

Mother India Smiled.

Mother India Smiled.

Patriotism is a word which hit our ears when national festivals like Independence Day or Republic Day are near or when there is some national disaster like terrorist attack or floods affects the country. India is a diverse and developing nation which requires this patriotism throughout the year for economic,cultural and social development of the country. But Sadly that doesn't happen and we forget our nationalism in front of region,religion,caste or color.

Although there is negativity all over but some recent incidence shows that all his not lost. At such moments Mother India don't lament on her condition. Giving away your life is not the only symbol of your patriotism, completing your duties as a citizen honestly is also patriotism and a greater one because you need to practice it daily. I am putting here some recent incidences here in the form of a poem which displays such patriotism and brings smile on face of mother India. Happy Independence Day to all.

When people hugged a man in skullcap,
to show trust and minimize the communal gap.

When an auto driver who earned a meager pay,
returned passenger's forgotten money wasting his day.

When court allowed unmarried single mother,
to use her surname without disclosing name of child's father.

When a Hindu lady showed the resistance,
in protecting Muslim neighbors in communal violence.

When a fake degree case was filed against mother,
by an honest and brave teenage daughter.

When a nation unitedly stand to donate,
for JEE passed Dalit brothers to elevate.

When a team of young doctors think and dare,
collaborated and worked for rural care.

Every time when love compassion humanity thrive and flurries,
Hopes ignited, Mother India smiled, free from all worries.  

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