Friday, November 21, 2014



What to seek next?
When my identity is you.
Life starts with  your name 
and will end in you. 
People wanders in sacred places,
But in love, I found you

This post is linked  to Poetry Jam (Identity).

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Kuch Ishq Kiya, Kuch Kaam Kiya

कुछ इश्क़ किया,कुछ काम किया। - ( Did Some Love, Some Work ) - Faiz Ahmad Faiz

This small ghazal by Faiz Ahmad Faiz is like summarizing an entire unfulfilled life where poet feels neither successful in love nor in business. It has some Sufi undertone to it, poet is considering himself as an unsuccessful human being who failed in worldly as well as godly life and hence his life after death would also remain at unease like the life on earth. He remained empty handed. I have tried to translate it here : 

वो लोग बहुत खुशकिस्मत थे,
जो इश्क़ को काम समझते थे,
या काम से आशिक़ी करते थे,
हम जीते जी मसरूफ़ रहे,
कुछ इश्क़ किया,कुछ काम किया। 
Wo log bahut kushkismat the,
Jo ishq ko kaam samajhte the,
Ya kaam se aashiqi karte the,
Hum jeete ji masroof rahe,
Kuch Ishq Kiya , Kuch Kaam Kiya.

काम इश्क़ के आड़े आता रहा,
और इश्क़ से काम उलझता रहा,
फिर आख़िर तंग आकर हमने,
दोनों को अधूरा छोड़ दिया।
न इश्क़ किया, न काम किया। 
Kaam ishq ke aade aata raha,
Aur ishq kaam se ulajhta raha,
Phir aakhir tang aakar humne,
Dono ko adhuura chod diya,
Na Ishq Kiya, Na Kaam Kiya.

Those people were blessed,
Who to love like work addressed,
or who to their work love and caressed,
I remained busy whole life,
Did some love, some work. 

Work keep on coming in Love's way,
And love entangled work all the way,
Then finally I gave up being annoyed,
Leaving both of them incomplete,
Neither did love, Nor did work.


Friday, November 14, 2014

Let Them Be Children

Let Them Be Children 

14th November is celebrated as Children's Day in India, it is the birthday of India's first prime minister Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru who was very fond of children. Children are free spirited and we must let them as they are and dream for themselves, Happy Children's Day

Don't stop , don't interrupt 
let their dreams fly,
let them touch the sky,
let them have fun,let them learn
let them be children.

Don't pressurize, don't criticize 
let them choose their way,
bookish knowledge do stay,
but there are books beyond books,
which changed how we looks 
and how things we churn,
let them be children.

Don't judge,don't grudge
let their innocence prevail,
let them come out of shell,
let aim them high,let dream them high,
because dreams make future turn 
let them be children.

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