Friday, July 25, 2014

Eid Wish

Eid Wish

World is full of problems,hatred,violence,poverty,etc. In the time of celebration during festivals or other such occasion only selected few are fortunate enough to cherish them. In this holy month of Ramadan when Allah grant every valid wish. I pray for each and every one on earth through this poem.

Raising my hands I only wish,
Feast of eid everyone would relish,
Happiness would fill each heart,
All problems in world would vanish.

The sweetness of sweets
becomes such a treat,
that unity prevail everywhere,
Hatred from our lives would retreat.

The crescent eid moon,
would bring such a boon,
None would sleep hungry,
Poverty would remove soon,

Once such a festival would come,
which wouldn't for selected some,
Each one would equally enjoy, 
pray,share and together welcome.

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Kisi Se Meri Manzil Ka Pata.

किसी से मेरी मंज़िल का पता। ( Kisi Se Meri Manzil Ka Pata) - Makhmoor Dehelvi

Makhmoor Dehelvi is one of those Urdu poets whose work is not much known. If you search on internet there is not much information about him. The last sher ( couplet ) was often recited by my father, it was now that I know it was written by Makhmoor Dehelvi and it is part of this beautiful ghazal. This ghazal talks about the failure in love or not getting the love at all because he don't consider himself worthy of it. On the philosophical ground this ghazal holds the deeper meaning of it's connection with almighty God whose doorpost he didn't want to leave but was unable to ask him anything. I have tried to translate it to spread this shayar (poet) and his shayari ( couplet ) among the masses. 

किसी से मेरी मंज़िल का पता पाया नहीं जाता,
जहाँ मैं हूँ फरिश्तों से वहाँ आया नहीं जाता। 
Kisi se meri manzil ka pata paya nahin jata,
Jahan mein hun farishton se wahan aaya nahin jata.

Anyone aware of my destination is not found,
Where I exists, there angels are not bound.

मेरे टूटे हुए पा-ए-तलब का मुझ पे एहसान है,
तुम्हारे दर से उठ के अब कहीं जाया नहीं जाता। 
Mere tute hue pa-e-talab ka mujhpe ehsaan hai,
Tumhare dar se uth ke ab kahin jaya nahin jata.

My broken feet of cite on me has a favor,
that I can't go leaving your doorpost savor.

चमन तुमसे इबारत है,बहारें तुमसे हैं ज़िंदा,
तुम्हारे सामने फूलों से मुरझाया नहीं जाता। 
Chaman tumse ibarat hai, baharein tumse hain zinda,
Tumhare saamne phoolon se murjhaya nahin jata.

Gardens are part of you,springtime is alive through you,
Flowers don't want to wither in front of you. 

हर एक दाग-ए-तमन्ना को कलेजे से लगता हूँ,
के घर आई हुई दौलत को ठुकराया नहीं जाता। 
Har ek daag-e-tamanna ko kaleje se lagata hun,
Ke ghar aaye hue daulat ko thukraya nahin jata.

Every single stain of wish I kept near my heart,
From the wealth entered home it's difficult to apart.

मोहब्बत के लिए कुछ ख़ास दिल मख़्सूस होते हैं,
ये वो नग़मा है जो हर साज़ पे गाया नहीं जाता। 
Mohabbat ke liye kuch khaas dil makhsoos hote hain,
Ye wo nagma hai jo har saaz pe gaya nahin jata.

Certain hearts are peculiar for love boon,
This song is not sung on every musical tune.

फ़क़ीरी में भी मुझको मांगने से शर्म आती है,
सवाली होके मुझसे हाथ फ़ैलाया नहीं जाता।  
Faqiri mein bhi mujhko maangne se sharm aati hai,
Sawali hoke mujhse haath failaya nahin jata.

I am ashamed of asking even in poorness ,
I can't stretch my hands to beg in neediness

Understand this ghazal better: Kisi Se Meri Manzil 

Sunday, July 6, 2014

Zindagi Lajawab Hoti Hai

ज़िन्दगी लाजवाब होती है।

( Zindagi Lajawab Hoti Hai.)

यूँ तो ये दिन ये रातें ख़राब होती हैं,
तू जब आ जाये तो ज़िन्दगी लाजवाब होती है। 
Yun to ye din ye ratein kharab hoti hain,
Tu jab aa jaye to zindagi lajawab hoti hai

हर आवाज़ शोर-ओ-गुल सी लगती हैं,
तेरी बोली बस कानो पर सवाब होती हैं। 
Har aawaaz shor-o-gul si lagti hain,
Teri boli bas kano par sawaab hoti hain.

सुबह जो उतर जाए उस नशे का क्या मकसद,
सर चढ़कर जो बोले आँखें तेरी वो शराब होती हैं।
Subah jo utar jaaye us nashe ka kya maksad,
Sar chadkar jo bole aankhein teri wo sharaab hoti hain. 

बंजर ज़मीं को बारिश जैसे मिल जाए,
तेरी सूरत दिल का वो करार होती है। 
Banjar zamin ko barish jaise mil jaaye,
Teri soorat dil ka wo karar hoti hai.

यूँ तो ये दिन ये रातें ख़राब होती हैं,
तू जब आ जाये तो ज़िन्दगी लाजवाब होती है। 
Yun to ye din ye ratein kharab hoti hain,
Tu jab aa jaye to zindagi lajawab hoti hai

लाजवाब (lajawab) = Wonderful; शोर-ओ-गुल (shor-o-gul) = Noise;  सवाब (sawaab) = beneficial ; 
 मकसद (maksad) = Motive ;